Good Sign: Week 12

It is the eighth week of the coding period and the twelth blog of my GSoC journey. In the past week, there has been many commits from Evernym on their repository, a good sign for the growth of our project. We can now work directly work with our server and not make it compatible with the teset server which runs the old verity UI code.

To see more of the conversation concerning the project, refer

Here is the link to the project.

What progress have you made this week?

I tested the Evernym sample app with our server. I was able to see successful connections and also was able to receive the credential offer from the server. It certainly is a considerable improvement from where we were the last week. 

I have started working on the changes which were done on the sample app by Evernym. We also discussed an alternate plan if we did not reach our goal with the SDK integration. However, that seems unlikely with our current progress. The plan is to have got the APK ready to show the demo with dummy data. We’ll be discussing be more on this plan at this week’s meet.

What do I plan to do next week?

In the coming week, I would be working on successfully making connections with our server from the Guardian app. My mentor and I would do end to end testing and resolve the bugs.

I would also try to integrate a demo button in the settings screen, which would change the app from demo mode with dummy credentials to real connection with real credentials.

Have you had any blockers or issues that are impeding your project?

Nothing as of now.

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