Adapting To Changes: Week 10

This is the sixth week of the coding period and the tenth blog of my GSoC journey. It has been a week of ups and downs. I got a part of the app done right, whereas the other part of the app is still on a loose end.

To see more of the conversation concerning the project, refer

Here is the link to the project.

What progress have you made this week?

This week I pushed code to feature-ui-mhbs branch, which has the app’s UI similar to the mHBS training app. The color scheme, bottom navigation, app bar, and all other details seem to align with the mHBS training app.

The Evernym Team had updated their SDK. So, I pulled the latest commit from git and started testing it out with the verity UI instance (test server) that I had access to. However, the newest SDK doesn’t seem to interact with the verity UI instance. Hence, we got stuck at some point, and I started debugging and going through their code commits and in-line code documentation. I was not able to find any link between the verity server-side code and the mobile SDK. So, I’ve decided to use the old SDK and start coding until I get a further positive result with Evernym SDK.

What do I plan to do next week?

I have the test server, which is working fine. So, to integrate scanning, connections, and notifications in the app is my next priority. My mentor has provided me with some dummy data. I’ll try to incorporate that as well.

We also plan to receive further support from Evernym Team going forward and discussing the changes to be implemented on the app.

Have you had any blockers or issues that are impeding your project?

The Evernym Team have been updating their sample app, and it’s unclear whether it works with the old verity UI instance (test server).

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