UI Design: Week 8

This is the fourth week of the Coding Period. I have just finished my academic work, and now the only focus is on the current project. I had planned to implement MVVM design in the app. It requires a learning curve, and I think it’s better to just get the functionality of the app going and then see about optimizing the codebase.

To see more of the conversation concerning the project, refer https://forums.librehealth.io/t/project-android-application-to-show-birth-registration-newborn-health-data/3684

Here is the link to the project.

What progress have you made this week?

This week I thought of spending some time on UI designing. One of my mentors had already designed the screens of the app using Proto. However, it was running on a trial period, and it got expired. I had an EDU account which would give extra benefits to use prototyping software, and I thought of designing using the Figma tool. Here is the link to the project design.

What do I plan to do next week?

My mentor and I would test the app with the server-side up and running. Check if there are any issues while interacting with the server. I also plan to implement a local auth in the app. This would ensure the safety of the app. The app would require a fingerprint or a passcode to open it.

Have you had any blockers or issues that are impeding your project?

None as of now. 

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