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Learn to code through a journey!

I’m a Computer Science student at NITK, Surathkal talking about the way I’m learning to code and
cool mishaps and workarounds that I did.

Latest from the Blog

A Sigh of Relief: Week 15

It is the eleventh week of the coding period and the fifteenth blog of my GSoC journey. I finally managed to get everything in one single picture. I was having a hard time shifting from Live mode to Demo mode, but in the end, I was able to pull it off. It really is a…

Debugging Begins: Week14

It is the tenth week of the coding period and the fourteenth blog of my GSoC journey. It was in this week that I was able to make a have successful communication between the server and the SDK. However, there is a lot of debugging still left, which I’m currently working on. To see more…

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